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Your Dream Horse from Portugal

Support to find the right match

1. You are still looking for the right horse

I will help you find the horse of your dreams with the character traits that you are looking for. I can help you choose the right horse for your level of experience and your goals. We will discuss your dreams and goals and try to find a partner that suits these and your own personality.

2. You already found the horse of your dreams

You already bought your new horse or you know which horse you want to buy and just want someone that lives in Portugal that you trust to check the horse and make sure everything is the way it's supposed to be.

Transport to my training facility

Once you purchased the horse of your dreams I will personally transport your new partner to my training facility close to Peniche in central Portugal. Your horse will travel in my new Cheval Liberte Gold III trailer with video monitoring and I will make sure that the drive is the least stress as possible.

I will take the time it takes to load your horse and I will even take 1-2 days in advance to prepare your horse properly for the trailer loading when it is needed.


Foundation Training

Once your horse arrives to my farm I will prepare your horse not only for the long roadtrip to your country but also for life. Your horse will get a foundation that allows him to excel in the world of humans. It will learn all the basics that are needed to be a reliable partner.

I will make sure your horse is prepared to start it's new life with you according to it's age and your dreams and goals.




Handover Horsemanship Holidays

You are welcome to come for handover lessons and horsemanship holidays to Peniche / Baleal. You can take 1-2 private lessons with your new horse each day and spend all day getting to know your horse or spend the rest of your day enjoying the stunning beaches and great waves with your family or friends.

Fullfill your childhood dream of being on the beach with horses with your own horse before welcoming it back home where you live.


Transport to you

When the time has come for your horse to leave Portugal and travel to your country I will make sure to safely send your partner off with the professional horse transport company of your choice.

I will take care of organizing the Health Certificate so that your horse can get the Traces Certificate that it needs to leave Portugal.




Continued support

Once your horse has arrived and is settling into its new life I will be there to support you when you have questions. In the foundation training package included are two 10 minute calls as well as one online live video coaching session with me.

If you wish to recieve continued support from myself after that I will be happy to continue the online video coaching. I will even travel to your barn if you want to organize a course with fellow horse lovers in your area.

For everyone that lives in the surroundings of Freiburg, Germany (between Basel and Karlsruhe) I will be happy to visit and coach you and your new partner live on site.

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