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P-Samarra - cute, clever, funny






153 cm


Smokey Black


Left Brain Extrovert - clever and funny. P-Samarra or "Pandora" as I like to call her is always good for a surprise and her sass makes you laugh everyday. She is a quick learner and mover and will make every day brighter. She has the looks and the talent of a sporthorse and seems to fly over all jumps that I present to her.


P-Samarra is a purebred Lusitano mare with "blue book" and registered with the APSL. She was carefully started under saddle with 4 years and has a solid horsemanship foundation. She is a reliable partner and ready for adventures and to find her forever home where she gets cuddles and love and lives outside in a herd.

On her first competition she placed second over 80 cm.
She is sensitive to the riders aids, is ridden bridleless and starts doing simple lateral movements like shoulders-in and traver at a walk and trot. Next to jumping P enjoys playing at liberty and going on trailrides. She is very easy going with other horses, in the herd and also at shows.
She stands tied, waits relaxed during hoof trimming, parks to the mounting block, is great at ponying and being ponied, comes away from the herd for cuddles and is a generally safe and happy partner ready for adventures.

P has always had her teeth checked, been dewormed and has had her feet trimmed regularly.

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Come meet P-Samarra

If you would like to get to know P-Samarra you are welcome to get to her at one of the Parelli Events 01.09.-03.09. Lindenhof, Montabaur

03.09.-05.09. Savvy Center, Schweinfurt

06.09.-09.09. Americana, Friedrichshafen (Demo for Team Parelli)

After that she will be close to Freiburg im Breisgau in Staufen, make sure to let me know to schedule an appointment in advance.

Updates on P-Samarra

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All updates on P-Samarra and her progress are shared on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more infos and updates on her.

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