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Horsemanship Foundation Training

for humans

Learn everything about Natural Horsemanship and how to be the partner that your horse needs you to be by using love, language and leadership. Get a deeper understanding of the psychology and behaviour of horses and learn how to read their body language to understand what they think and feel.

Learn how to use your own body language and energy to create a common language with horses that will help you achieve your goals in a safe, ethical and humane way.

 50% off on online coaching 
until February 15th 2024 


translated from german

We are managing to do everything with the little one now. She's making progress everyday, it is really great - thank you! You gave us the input we needed and set us up for success with your course. We are already looking forward to when you are back.

translated from german

Dear Judith,

yesterday whe had such an amazing moment of success that i wanted to share it with you. We had a chance to practice with a trailer and I had no expectations and just tried it with the touch-it and yoyo game. After just 5 minutes he was standing super relaxed inside of the trailer. It is really incredible how much we grew together as a team during the last months and how much your lessons have helped us. Thank you, I am already looking forward to the next lesson.

I just drove home so happpy after training Willi that I needed to text you now. On Sundays theres a lot going on on the road next to the arena- people passing by, screaming kids, dogs, bycicles and I never liked to work then because he was pulling away. Today I was brave enough to go up there, with the long reins first and we even did the circling game and he did not even think about pulling and running away.

And I always try to remember the things you tell me and  think - what would Judith do in this situation? He was so connected,  considerate and soft and I could keep his attention.

I am just so grateful that you are working with us.

translated from german

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