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Flowcean Farm

At Flowcean Farm the goal is to go with the flow. Going with the flow of nature, the animals, the flow of time and the waves and with the things that move us. The priority is that all animals are happy and have their individual needs met. There is a roundpen and an outdoor arena for courses and the horse training and there are multiple large fenced paddocks to make sure the horses can live as natural as possible. Flowcean Farm is located on the Silver coast, one of the most stunning coastlines of Portugal and close to Peniche which is a true surfing hotspot. The farm is just 4 km distance away from from two different sand beaches, one is 4 km long and on the other one you can ride for 8 km all the way to Lagoa de Óbidos. In just 3 km distance there is a big sweetwater lake in which the horses love to swim and splash around.

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