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Horsemanship Foundation Training

for horses

Your horse is going to get a foundation that is strong enough so that any type of house can be built on. This means that it does not matter whether you have competitive goals in any discipline or if you "just" want to go on trailrides with your relaxed partner because "there's nothing you can't do, once the horse becomes a part of you".

To me having a strong foundation means to have a horse that seeks solutions and solves puzzles, that trusts and respects the guiding of the humans and thinks before it acts. A horse that does the basics with excellence and looks for the guidance of it's human in moments of confusion or fear.

I am happy to take your horse into training and go with its flow, whether you have a young horse that grew up untouched, a colt that needs to be started under saddle, a restart for a traumatized "problem horse" that is supposed to find its way back to being a relaxed and reliable partner or just some refinement and continued development for your partner.




​I do not want the horses to live in small boxes and I am following the principles of Natural Horsemanship when it comes to trainig but also when it comes to keeping horses as natural as possible 24/7.

Your horse will live in a big paddock with a shelter from sun and rain. I feed hard feed once a day and provide constant access to high quality hay and water. Depending on the length of the stay and your horses character it might be integrated in a small herd with other horses if you wish so.

Minimum time for training horses is 1 month, ideal are 2-4 months depending on your goals and the horses character and past. If needed, I am happy to help with the transport of your horse to and from my facility.

Just contact me and together we will find the best possible solution for you and your horse.




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